The All Australian Quality Sliding Door System
  Premium Pre-Galvanised Steel Door Tracks Rolled to Order
  Sealed Needle Bearing or Full Ball Bearing Race Carriages
  Long Life Design Matched Steel Wheels or Nylon Tyres
  Largest Range of Support Brackets & Special Purpose Fittings
  Unique Lightweight 'No Weld' Door Framing System

  Proven by Over 30 years in Tough Australian Conditions
  Engineered for Total Component Design Integration
  Backed by Accreditation to International Standard ISO 9001

Eltrak Sliding Door Systems
offer the most
comprehensive range of fitting and opening options:

From Simple Single Slider to Complex Multiple Tracks,
Multi-Directional Openings ... Internal or External Fitting Hidden or Exposed ... Bolt on or Weld On Brackets ... Adjustable or Fixed ... In Ground or Above Ground Guides ... Side-Fixed, Flush Mount or Overhead Supports... for Easy Manual or Automatic Operation ...

Lightweight 'No-Weld' Door Frame Construction ... Custom Rolled Tracks & Frames ... Flush Closing or Overlapping Doors ... Full Door Height with No Loss of Headroom ... Infinitely Variable Door Opening Width ... Straight Sliding, Stacking, Bifold or Round Corner ... Add Windows or Decorative Panels ...

Just let imagination be your guide !

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ELTRAK: Engineered for Excellence ... Designed for Durability.
All Eltrak components are manufactured from premium grade raw materials under a quality system accredited to International Standard ISO 9001, and Eltrak's experience and expertise are unmatched, with over thirty years of ongoing field testing and development. All Eltrak Sliding Door System components have been specifically engineered and designed matched to ensure the highest levels of component compatibility, correct operation, and hard wearing long life durability.
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No matter if you need a small toolshed or personal access single sliding door, or a multiple door, bi-directional, multiple track installation for a aircraft hangar or large industrial building, Eltrak Sliding Door Systems can provide an efficient, cost-effective solution; and usually for surprisingly less than for most alternative door systems.
Why don't you get The Eltrak Advantage ?
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